Six Great Reasons To Make Your Own Wine

Do your snob friends turn up their noses at the mere suggestion of making your own wine? Get theses critics to put their money where their mouth is and conduct a blind taste test. In our own experiments – we find nobody can tell the difference between homemade wine and commercially produced wine. Here are six more reasons to consider making your own wine:

Save Big! A bottle of wine is not that big! Hosting parties and family can be expensive. Taxes tend to make up the lions share of the price of wine purchased at retail. Save big and make your own wine.

Fewer Preservatives. When you make wine – it contains less than 1/5th the preservatives of commercially produced wines. Large wine producers tend to over preserve wine to reduce spoilage. We all know – too many preservatives are not good for your health. Plus, many people are allergic to preservatives.

Drink Wine -It’s good for the environment! When you make wine, you sterilize and re-use your bottles over and over. This means less landfill or energy used to recycle your used bottles.

Easy peasy. Making your own wine is easy. Consult your yellow pages or Google “winemaking stores” in your area. The process requires two visits: the first to mix your ingredients (5 minutes) and the second to bottle the finished product (15 minutes).

Consider the health benefits. Drinking a glass of wine a day (especially red) is good for you. It is suggested that one or two glasses of wine per day could help promote a longer life and a stronger heart. Plus, red wine contains antioxidants and resveritrol – known to arrest the aging process.

It’s a hoot. Wine making is a great excuse to get together with your friends and family. Host a wine tasting. Share batches with friends and loved ones. People love to try new wines and pairing wine with food is easy – simply Goggle ” how to pair wine with food

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