Emperor Of The White Wines – Chardonnay

While the wine competition is hard among countries, but surely the most known white wine is Chardonnay. You can find in vineyards over on 400.000 acres all around the world (even in Lebanon). It comes from France and called on different names as: Chardenay or in Germany: Weiss Clevner.

After several academic arguments we can say Chardonnay is a result of a cross between Pinot Blanc and Gouais Blanc from the Roman times.

Chardonnay is very successful due to the reason that it can adopt almost all types of soils.

You don’t have to travel Burgundy to find great Chardonnay. A good wine shop always offers the fine White Burgundy.

Yes! Do not be surprised. Burgundy area is not just about red wines.

Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy account for more than three-fifths of all Chardonnay plantings in France. In the Champagne, Chardonnay is one of three major grape varieties planted in the region, very good material for Champagne making.

In the U.S. this incredible white grape is a nationwide favorite. In Nevada: Foxhorn Chardonnay with a touch of the melon. In California: great and fine Buehler Russian River Chardonnay from 2008. Washington State offers a tropical and mango fruit Pine & Post Chardonnay. Finally, New York State’s bead is Bedell First Crush White with peach flavors.

Leaving U.S. but staying in the American continent we can find breathtaking almond and hazelnuts aromas from the Chilean wine makers’s gift, in the Maycas del Limari Chardonnay (2006).

With fair prices you meet fine Chardonnays in Australia too. The fifth continent has great wine in their Southern regions. One of the best is Ridgeback Chardonnay (2003).

Our world wide Chardonnay tour is finishing in Italy. This country has lots of varieties and some people confuse it with Pinot Blanc. A must try bottle from Tuscan region is the spicy and apricot flavored Mandra Rossa Chardonnay. Best from 2004. Consume it with Caesar Salad.

If you would like to pair your Chardonnay with food here are some options:

If you choose a fish, like Poached Salmon then try with Errazuiz Wild Ferment Chardonnay (2006)

Chicken Marsala goes with Lake Sonoma Russian River Chardonnay (2007)

Unwooded Chardonnay 2008 – Cheese Souffle


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