Three Main Steps In The Californian Wine Country

California is about sunshine. California is about movie. California is about wine. Where vineyards are beautiful. Where wines are crystal clear. Where you cannot make mistakes. Many regions are waiting for you. Napa? Russian River? Sonoma? And so on! California provides you everything what you would like to know about wine. On the field. In the cellars. In the bottle. Let’s come with us into the state.

In the New World wine making industry California is one of the leaders. The main reason is its climate which is the best for viticulture. Three main regions will be shown you within a second.

Our motto: There are 365 days in a year to make a great wine. There are three main region where they do it in every year.

Sonoma County/Sonoma Valley. Find Sonoma Mountains to the west. It’s beautiful, with verdant valleys and redwood groves. Nice picture. Planted area is 20.000 acres. More than 250 wineries. You can find here more than 20 great varieties. Facts that show Sonoma is big. Big name. Louis Martini Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon from 2006 is a big name as well. Licorice wine can be bought on average price. Well-known vineyards: Roche, Viansa, Homewood, Cline Cellars, and Benziger Family wineries, you can take a tour and taste their best wines.

Anyway Sonoma has warm valleys. Sometimes a bit windy and foggy due to Pacific weather. Best known Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah are great, but do not forget to try a Zinfandel as well.

Tour around Napa Valley. Incredible, more than 300 wineries located in the valley north of the San Francisco Bay Area. Napa Valley (as Sonoma too) offers many many options for a great wine tour. Beside wonderful wineries Napa offers great restaurant, so you can choose a fine menu next to your white or red. We should highlight 2005 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon which is a great choice for your steaks or roast or many cheeses. Barbera and Dolcetto are also widely known here with their special varietals.

We have just arrived to Russian River Valley. A beautiful place around Sonoma County. Russian River is part of a sub region and in there you will find Chalk Hill, Dry Creek Valley, Green Valley and Sonoma Coast. From the excellent vineyards we choose firstly Hartford Family Winery. This is a family-owned winery. Hartford’s specializes in single-vineyard Chardonnay and old vine Zinfandel.

One of the best known wine maker is located in the Hanna Winery. Great Russian River Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir what they make. A unique offer from this region is a Rose: JCB N69 Pinot Noir Rose (2007).

Enjoy your tour!

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