Pecorino Cheese – A Hard Italian

World wide know Italian cheese is Pecorino. It comes from ewe’s milk. Pecora = sheep (in Italian). Let’s see together what Pecorino means in gastronomy.

World wide known Italian cheese is Pecorino. It comes from ewe’s milk. This is the most favorite way to get a fine cheese.

There are four best known Pecorino. The place where they origin shows difference between them.

Pecorino Romano: Most of the cheeses are produced on the island of Sardinia, but allowed to make in Tuscan as well.

Sardo: same origin and organic

Pecorino Toscano: from the great Tuscan

Pecorino Siciliano: from the great Italian island of Sicily

Almost all of them are hard. Ricotta is soft, young and white. I like it, but not so sharped one like old aged Pecorinos.

Pecorino Sardo is one the greatest which has minimum 40 percent of butterfat. It has mild aroma, pale straw color paste with little holes. It has smooth texture and its flavor enjoyable at once. If you want and you have time to enjoy everything then kept it indefinitely. Very healthy because it has lots of Omega-3 acid that’s why I recommend.

“Pecorinos” has nutty flavor and hard consistent. Some farmers give to Pecorinos red chili flakes, black peppercorns or even walnut.

The cheese is very good after a meal (for example pasta) or can be enjoyed with a pear. Oh yes! I tried it. Never forget.

Mostly these cheeses – while their color is from light yellow to purple – a bit salty that’s why can be sprinkle a tablespoon of olive oil.

Very nice with red wines. Try with pasta it’s worth:Linguini and Pesto Sauce. Try with Dolcetto Herb sauce and any of Italian pastas La Spinetta Barbera d’Asti Ca Di Pian (2005) is a special option for this cheese. Italian and Italian. Enjoy!

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