Why Did My Insurance Go Up After Driving Under The Influence?

Can you look back on your life and think of something you did that you regret? A DUI does just that, but the consequences can go on long after court fees have been paid.

Driving under the influence of alcohol happens more often than people might think. You may be driving along the road and not even realize that someone around you is driving drunk.

Many people drive after they drink, but they just get lucky and don’t get caught. However, it is careless to get behind the wheel after you drink and you take the risk of hurting yourself as well as others around you.

There are many things that can happen when you get in your car after you drink, such as hurting yourself or others, or even killing someone. If you get pulled over for a suspected DUI, you risk jail time, criminal charges, and a ticket. A DUI goes against your record for a very long time. If you get a DUI, it makes your insurance rates go up and takes a long time to get it off. Driving drunk one night can make you pay for a long time to come.

Once you get a DUI placed against your license, it can take years to recover. This shows the insurance companies that you are a high risk driver and your premiums should be raised.

Once you are classified as a risk, it is hard to get rid of that mark. If you made the choice of driving under the influence, you are likely to repeat that action. The next DUI you get you could kill or critically injure yourself or someone else. Your higher rates mean that the insurance company now knows that if this happens, they have enough to cover any accident or wreck that may occur.

A lot of insurance companies make you file a SR-22 once have been marked with a DUI. This states that that you have enough insurance coverage to take care of things if you get caught with another DUI.

The next time you want to drink, make sure you have a designated driver or you plan on getting a cab, because the consequences are stern.

Drinking under the influence can not only hurt you but others as well!

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