Secret Of Valrhona Chocolate

In 1922 a French pastry chef, Monsieur Guironnet found a company in the small town of Tain L’Hermitage. From this time we have known Valrhona chocolate. Follow us to get knowledge from this excellent confectionery. Let’s see how can be so successful this chocolate in the world.

Eating Valrhona is an entertainment. You will be addicted to it. Eating chocolate after a Valrhona you will see the different. The company’s cocoa buyers travel the world around yearly to find best beans. This work same as winemakers try to find best vineyards. Usually Valrhona produce vintage chocolate from the Oceania, the Caribbean and from South America.

Venezuelan cocoa is the ingredient of Bean Criollo, while Trinitario bean comes for the Island of Trinidad. As other luxury chocolate makers Valrhona makes great marketing for their private consumption buyers as well.

Valrhona chocolate has long been recognized as a rich and flavorful French chocolate. Comes with beautiful packaging and lasting flavor make this a wonderful treat. (Gran Couva, Ampamakia – Madagascar, Palmira)

Perfect for gift giving, and when you want to indulge in fine chocolate.

Anyway its ingredients: Minimum 40% cocoa (in the milk chocolate) sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla extract and soy lecithin emulsifier. For example restaurants can get it also with 100 percent cocoa powder.

This chocolate has excellent stability of aroma which is intoxicating. Higher grade restaurants use it as an ingredients for their chocolate based plates.

A certain long-lingering acidity unfolds to reveal fruity aromas while sensations of fresh plants mix with chocolaty flavors to produce a refined subtlety.

I would suggest for wine pairing this chocolate:

Brassfield Round Mountain Zinfandel (2005). Black cherry, blackberry and vanilla flavors.

With vanilla fruit Chateau Ladouys St. Estephe Cabernet Sauvignon from 2005.

Its fruity feeling brings out cocoa long lasting tastes: A. Mano Puglia Primitivo from 2006.


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