Fast Growing Quality – Italian Wines

Have you ever tried Italian wine? If you want to know more about wine then you should try these wines. Follow us.

Most famous white wine (Bianco) is Trebbiano. People love it for their lunch because it’s an easy drinking wine. Pinot Grigio (or Gris in France and California) is the best in Piedmont. Known as Piemonte too which offers great wine tours around the region. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio has golden apple flavors furthermore a delicious and intense one.

However not a typical Italian we have to talk about Chardonnay. “Apricotti” and spice tasty Mandra Rossa Chardonnay from 2004 shows you winemakers are talent in this country as well.

Rosso. Red. Oh what a great wines will come. After finishing white wines we will continue with reds.

Sangiovese is the best know Italian red wine all around the world. Cherry fruit and cedar flavors make it unforgettable. Super Tuscans (Italian brand) contains Sangiovese as Cabernet Sauvignon as well. Sangiovese based Chianti is the absolute best. Some of them aged in French oak barrels like Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva. It can consumed until 2017.

Very dark color La Spinetta Barbera d’Asti Ca Di Pian from Piemonte. Over this Barbera we found Nebbiolo which is intense, rich and it has excellent structure. Voerzio Langhe Nebbiolo is a premium category wine from oak barrels. Piero Cesare Barolo Ornato (2003) is also deep color and intense fruit scent. Winemakers use more hygienic technics than in the past that’s why Nebbiolo has became a dry wine.

Finally, while Merlot not their first red option but it blends beautifully with Italy’s native grape varieties as you can see in Vipra Rossa, a blend of 70% Merlot, 20% Sangiovese and 10% Montepulciano.

Wine quality in Italy has improved dramatically over the last century or so, because of the modern sentiments which focus on really getting quality from the grapes instead of just making a whole lot of wine.

Enjoy your wine!

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