Easy Mai Tai Recipe For Every Occasion

In a restaurant in Oakland, California, a cocktail drink was born. It was a drink that is very suitable for drinkers who dearly loved rum. The cocktail drink is called Mai Tai. According to stories, when its inventor, Trader Vic first tasted the drink, he shouted “Maita’l roa” which means “simply too good”.

You’ll always find the Mai Tai offered in Tiki-themed bars and restaurants or at Tiki gatherings. This drink was quite popular in 1950’s and 1960’s, especially after it’s appearance in the movie, called Blue Hawaii, starring Elvis Presley.

Victor J. Bergeron, known as Trader Vic, invented the original version, and you will find that original recipe still in circulation. Yet, many variations have been developed since, adding lovely twists to the original recipe.

The Mai Tai drink is often thought of as a cocktail recipe made with tropical fruit. However, this famous cocktail is a rum based drink.

Some bartenders will add pineapple juice to the concoction and the drink will turn into a Maui Mai Tai. There are some people that will add some orange juice and this additional is what varies the drink from its original recipe.

Since 2008, Trader Vic’s chain of restaurants has started to open small establishments popularly known as the Mai Tai Bars that serve appetizers or pupus and cocktails. This drink is often associated with tropical places, pool side parties and vacationing because of its fruity ingredients.

This Polynesian styled cocktail can be served in many festive ways. Try garnishing with a beautiful flower or with chunks of tropical fruit such as pineapple or mangos.


* Small sprig of fresh mint

* 2 ounce rum over shaved ice

* 1 oz. orange Curacao

* Freshly squeezed lime juice

* 1 ounce French Garnier Orgeat Syrup

* 1 ounce of Rock Candy by Trader Vic’s

Preparation of the Mai Tai Recipe:

First pour the dark rum over shaved ice in a nice glass.

Add fresh lime juice on the mixture.

Put all the ingredients in a glass and shake vigorously.

to make this drink extra special, garnish with fresh mint leaves or a flower and serve with a fancy straw.


I hope you enjoy this Mai Tai recipe!

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