A Quick Description Of A Man Cave And The Benefits Of Creating One

In recent years the term “Man Cave” or “mantuary” has become a popular way of describing the space in which a man can call his very own. This space is usually somewhere inside the house. It could be a bedroom, or even the garage. The point is for the man to have his own private sanctuary from all the stresses of everyday life.

It could be an important ingredient in a marriage for a man to be able to escape the pressures from his wife, kids or just general tension of any kind. Getting away by himself to recharge is all that is needed. The place he chooses can be made to suit his own tastes, holding things that make him happy and bring him a measure of peace.

Long ago (and still today in some areas of the world) young boys lived with the women in the women’s area until they reached puberty. Once a boy reached sexual maturity, he would undergo various forms of tests or rites of passage in order to earn his way into becoming a man deserving of being allowed into the men’s area.

It’s not only important for men to have their refuge. Women, especially those with children and or husbands, may find having a space of her own a welcome retreat as well. Men and women both need time to themselves in an area that is comfortable to them.

Being married is not the only reason why a man might want to seclude himself. Unmarried fellas need only go from room to room to be in a ‘cave’ in which he can recuperate from a difficult day. Turning up the stereo, kicking shoes off in all directions, putting feet up on the furniture and just hanging out is a man thing, not just a married man thing.

Some men have made an art of creating their cave. They can come up with ideas that are very far out on the edge of strange. Many will be comfortable with copying other men’s ideas as well.

If tracing the roots of why you may feel the need to have this kind of dwelling is not your thing, you may want to forget the reasons and just hop in the car and head to the nearest hobby store. Whatever your unique taste and interests are, these are the things that should fill your cave.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money creating your hide-away. This is your room, and whatever you choose to fill it with is up to you. It could be as simple as just throwing a couch and t. V in and shutting the door, or you can take it much further. Depending on the time you have to spend on it, and the money you wish to spend, it can be as awesome as your imagination. No matter what, if it’s filled with the things that specifically make you happy, you’re on the right track.

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