Bar Stools – Both Decorative And Functional Pieces In A Room

“A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless” says Mary Sarton. Chairs are a stable raised surfaced used to sit on. They come in various shapes and sizes. Couches, sofas, settees, and benches are examples of chairs that can be used by multiple people. But usually they are used by a single person like recliners which are chairs with folding action and inclining footrest, wheelchairs or chairs with wheels, swings which are chairs hung from above, stools or those chairs without a back armrests and barstools which are a kind of stools that are raised up.

Despite these number of different types of chairs, the demand for the bar stool type chairs is the one that experienced an increase. This increased in its popularity has been a result of the characteristic of these chairs. Their sizes range from 26 inches or 76 cm to 36 inches or 91 cm – as compared with conventional dining chairs with a height of 18 inches or 46 cm-making them appropriate in use for high counters such as in bars, coffee lounge windows, small kitchens, and in pool or billiard halls. Aside from such, bar stools are also used in accentuating house themes.

Bar stools can be made from either wood or metal and they come in various designs as well. They may come in the classic four-footed style stool but may also have one or three legs. They may be with or without upholstery, covered with fabric, leather, suede, plastic, or fur, or held round or square. Some bar stools are designed with height adjustments while others are with swivel chair mechanisms that can be turned around.

Some premises use specialized bar stools. Tiki bars for example often utilizes rattan or bamboo made bar stools while chrome and vinyl stools are used by commercial premises with retro styling. Aluminum made stools are often used outdoors, while places with traditional settings have indoors wood and upholstered type of stools.

With these limitless designs of bar stools, choosing the best one is often tedious. Nevertheless, one must always keep in mind that in choosing the most appropriate bar stools, the design should always match the location where it will be placed. As a given target market is pre-established in commercial premises, for example, the type of bar stool that it is to be placed should matched the personalities of those of the potential customers. In general, though, for any occasion, a bar stool that provides comfort in sitting and allows for a healthy sitting posture is the best one that should be chosen. Also, always purchase bar stools in pairs or with a matching high table or counter.

Seating is experiencing a growth among consumers nowadays. And as bar stools among the products that are being sold in more quantities today, a number of improvements in shopping these stools can also be observed today. First is that they are made available to most as they can be found not only in physical stores but also in online markets. Moreover, customizing bar stools is now made available to customers as well. Not only are they allowed to select their preferred fabric and finishes, customers are also now allowed to customize the stools height and rests. so go ahead and get your own bar stool now.

Joe Oscar Heine owns an antique shop in Queensland, Australia. He often sells home furnishings though his inventory also sometimes comprise pieces of jewelry. The usual antiques he sells are chairsparticularly barhocker or bar stools that are as early as the 16thcentury.