Red Wine can do Wonders for your Health

When you want to indulge in this distinct blend of superb beverage, it is heartening to know that drinking at least one glass every day is helpful to your health. One health benefit of drinking Australian red wine is it unclogs the arteries because of the anti-oxidant contents. According to medical research, it also helps in preventing blood clots and reduces the possibility of your blood vessels being damaged by fat deposits.

The reality is that modest consumption of this drink reduces the level of protein fibrinogen that leads to the formation blood clots. These can totally or partly obstruct an artery or vein. It is also useful for other parts of the body such as the brain, kidneys and lungs. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not develop an addiction to it. Excessive intake can be counter-productive and increase blood pressure that may cause latent damage to the heart. Likewise, drinking too much of it can bring about liver ailments due to the alcohol content.

You can savor your glass of Australian red wine without any worries. Medical experts have validated that Flavonoids minimize the production of low density lipoprotein or what is described as bad cholesterol. On a positive note, it boosts the production of high density lipoprotein which is the good cholesterol. It has two polyphenol anti-oxidant elements that can break off oxidative damages in the human body. Finally, it bolsters cardio-vascular wellness and triggers cell growth and healthy aging.

Wine connoisseurs and even those who want to enjoy this wonderful drink are aware that the most prominent brand of red wine in Australia is the Shiraz. It is one of the more top-quality wines in Australia. It matches well with mouth-watering dishes such as beef, barbecue, lamb and pork dishes. The strong taste makes this Australian red wine a preference among wine-drinkers. Shiraz was cultivated by the best winemakers in this region using delicious grapes. Incidentally, these are among the most well-liked grapes in the whole world.

The other top brand is Pinot Noir which has a lighter color because of the soft tannins. The taste stays behind in the mouth and is not strong or unpleasant. It goes well with dishes made from ham, duck meat, fish and cheese delicacies. The third one is the Cabernet Sauvignon which has a dark purple color and boasts of a strong but smooth flavor. All of these varieties can be found in leading wine cellars and supermarkets.

Australian red wine has become the leading choice of discriminating wine drinkers not only because of its pleasant taste but the numerous benefits that it brings to many people. It invigorates the person’s appetite, facilitates digestion and is very good for the heart because of the resveratrol and anti-oxidant contents.