Acacia Wood Displays Durability And Beauty

One of the most versatile and attractive hardwoods in the world is acacia wood. A well-known native to Australia, this tree can also be found growing in other temperate or tropical areas of the earth. There are over thirteen hundred different species around the world.

Properly buffed, this popular material will glow in stunning tones of coffee, chocolate and goldenrod. Its popularity is sustainable due to the durable nature and radiant shine.

A rapid growing tree, the Australian Blackwood is the prevailing species in the world today. Flooring manufacturers prefer this species to others because of the thorn-free bark that produces long, silky panels in lengths up to seventeen hundred inches.

This multitasking fellow would not be content to give itself up for just a single purpose. One will see this wood in kitchens across the world formed into salad bowls, ornately carved spoons, and tabletop ornaments. Boat builders a durable component for the body and decor of their sailing vessels. Musicians found it perfect for their cellos, violins, and guitars.

Contrary to its Australian cousin, the Red Acacia populates the north regions of Africa. The barbed bark on these trees protect the leaves from grazing animals. This discourages all but the giraffes and elephants, whose tough skin and height allow them to dine on the nutritious leaves that are high in nutrients. The wood garnered from this African staple is used for beautiful bowls, picture frames, tabletops and chairs. The bark is often used to create aromatic medicines to help ease joint pain, and the petals crushed to sweet perfumes.

Indonesia and Malaysia are the other large growers of this commodity. Here they grow the trees to supply pulpwood, the main ingredient in writing or computer paper. The majority of this Malaysian supply is exported to Vietnam for their growing paper industry.

Once used to make the coffins of the most respected sovereignty, Hawaiian Acacia koa later became a standard in carving surfing equipment and ukuleles. Over-forestation has dramatically depleted the supply of this lovely species.

Acacia wood is even written to have adorned the panels of The Ark of the Covenant. The diverse history of this tree and its components indeed make this world a more beautiful place.

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