Champagne – The Best Time To Enjoy It

Champagne is a sparkling wine that is enjoyed all over the world, and is usually drunk at special occasions. There are several different varieties of Champagne to choose from depending on your taste and budget. Real Champagne is produced solely in the Champagne region of France, and has to abide by very strict laws.

The Champagne name is protected by the Treaty of Madrid, and ensures that only the sparkling wine that is produced in the region uses the name. When you are looking to buy champagne the most popular variety is Moet and Dom Perignon, both of which are perfect alongside many foods. These can both be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day, or to celebrate something special.

Champagne suits all occasions, whether you are celebrating, commiserating, feeling optimistic, or simply enjoying your life. It is a pleasure to drink, and enhances the flavour of many foods from oysters, to strawberries. Very few people actually dislike Champagne, and it is often the first drink to be opened to celebrate something. You will very rarely hear someone asking for a bottle of red wine when there is cause to be excited.

Every stage of the Champagne drinking is enjoyable, from the time the cork is prized free of the bottle, to the bubbles hitting the glass. When you eventually get to drink it the taste and flavour are enjoyable, and classic. You should try to drink the Champagne in a long tall flute, and it should always be served chilled.

Using Champagne for celebrations has always been a popular event, and many sporting events will traditionally spray the crowds with the drink. There is something magical about the opening of a bottle of Champagne that instantly creates a fantastic mood.

Whether you want to serve the Champagne for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even a funeral there is a bottle to suit. Some people even enjoy it in the morning mixed with orange juice, and others prefer it at lunchtime.

You can enjoy this happy drink at anytime of the day or night, with friends or alone. No matter why you open the bottle of Champagne the only thing that you are guaranteed is that there will be none left. Many people are going out to buy Champagne and have at home with friends, it is no longer a drink of the upper classes.

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