How To Properly Store Wine

Storing wines can be tricky. It is not as easy as storing a bottle of beer and is definitely more complicated and demanding than storing your favorite can of soda. Wine needs to be stored properly or you will destroy the possibility of reaching its maturity and eventually it will lose its taste and spoil. There are professionals who do wine storage as their profession or business, but instead of paying fees for them to store your wine, here are some suggestions that you may want to try.

The storage environment plays a crucial role in the proper storage of wine. Whether you have an extensive wine cellar or a makeshift room in your basement that can serve as a cellar, this has little effect but the overall condition of the environment is important. Remember that almost every aspect of storing wine should be controlled and monitored as closely as possible and not just left in the back of an ordinary refrigerator.

First of all, the storage environment should be a cool, dark place. Allowing sunlight to penetrate your wine bottles, especially if you have clear bottles will make your wine develop an unpleasant smell. Of course once this happens, it is close to impossible to reverse this condition and when that special occasion arrives that requires you to open that bottle of wine, it will be too late.

The temperature also plays a crucial part as the taste and quality of the wine is largely dependent on this. Remember that almost everything in a storage place must be controlled and temperature must be one of them. Monitor the temperature and avoid sudden changes. The temperature must be constant for the entire duration of the wine storage.

You must also avoid moving the wine bottles. Shaking the bottle, even through just changing its position, can affect the wine. Even during shipping, wines need to rest after the transportation for it to settle and regain its taste and quality.

For businesses, it is important to keep the wine storage place as controlled and monitored as possible. If you are storing large numbers of wines at home, such as wine wedding favors that you intend to give away soon, have a makeshift space in your closet or an allotted space in your fridge, depending on the temperature required, where you can store the wines safely and properly.

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