Dining Tips: Food And Wine Pairing Basics

Wines have always been and will always be something that symbolizes romance, love and elegance. You can enjoy wine on its own, when you are having a party, give it away as a gift to a special friend, or as party favors like wine wedding favors to cap off a romantic wedding event.

However, as with any other beverage, it is best if you can find the perfect food pair for the drink. A cold can of beer is great with pizza, and a plate loaded with nachos and chips is perfect with a can of ice cold soda. For wine, there are some factors that you have to consider so your food and wine pairing will be perfect as well.

Generally, white wines work well with seafood and meals with cream sauce or mild cheeses. Red wines on the other hand works well with meats, grilled food and other equally heavy meals. The basic rule of thumb is, light wines go with light food choices, while heavy wines go with heavy food choices. Wines are definitely not your appetizers or side dishes. Wine tends to be the star once it is present in any meal so it is important to note that any meal that is to be paired with the wine should not overpower the flavor of the drink.

The use of the right wine glass is also important. For such elegant occasions, presentation is important as well since taste is often influenced by perception. The right glass for the right wine will truly show the quality and intensity of the wine. By placing it in an ordinary glass or in the wrong wine glass, you will cheapen the image of the wine for your dinner guests.

A fun and fool proof way create the perfect pairing is by heading off to your local restaurant because some of them offer menus that are already paired with the proper wine choice. You can also learn and it will really be informative when the waiter explains to you the pairings and gives you ideas you can use at home.

Most of all, wine and food pairings are meant to be enjoyed. When you get to learn the basics, you can just whip up any meal and instantly find the best wine to go with it. With this information at hand, you can easily create romantic candlelit dinners with the perfect food and wine pairings.

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