Special Glasses For The Martini

Martini is a very popular drink which is a cocktail usually containing gin and vermouth and is garnished with a few olives. Some people even add a lemon peel as garnishing or any other fruit such as pomegranates. It is best drunk in typical glasses that are specifically designed for martinis. The glasses can of course be used for other cocktails as well. The glasses are really cool and can be a very memorable gift for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings and other occasions as everyone would love to have a good collection of these glasses.

Martini glasses come in a wide range of sizes as well as shapes. But the basic shape of a long and narrow stem with a wide bowl on the top has to be adhered to. The really classic martini glasses used to have a very large drinking bowl. You can use these large martini glasses in other ways too which are really innovative. You could fill it up with fruits like olives or place some flowers or a candle in it. Otherwise, you can simply drink a large martini and be done with it.

It is considered to be a very high class drink and if you provide these martini glasses in a get together it adds to the classiness of the event. This drink can be ideally served to replace the more traditional appetizers or some candy dishes of yore.

Many of us would have wondered why the martini glasses are shaped in that particular way. This actually dates back to the days when drinking was prohibited in the US. The drink itself also is behind the shape. It is very functional and practical and also looks very attractive. The wide bowl provides a surface tension and gives a good display of the garnishing of olives or pomegranates or any other fruit. The coned shape avoids the separating of the ingredients in the drink. But a few people think that during the days of prohibition, the wide mouth of the drinking bowl made it easier for the people to quickly gulp it down just in case of a police raid as it was considered as illegal alcohol.

As it has a very unique shape the drinker has to hold the martini glass by the stem and not the bowl. This enables keeping the drink cool for a longer period of time. If you hold the drink by the stem, the heat in your body is not allowed to go into the bowl and thence to the drink.

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