Crisp And Sharp Tasting Martini Recipe

The classic form of a martini is prepared with the help of gin and vermouth and the garnishing is done with olives. It is a very versatile cocktail which has become extremely popular and the variations are numerous as one can add anything from strawberries to chocolates. There are green apple martinis which are preferred by many. Other popular variations of the martini are vanilla martini, lemon martini, dirty martini and the Gibson martini.

A very different and offbeat type of martini can be prepared with the help of pomegranates called the pomegranate martini. Various recipes are present for preparing this with slightly different ingredients. For instance, you can mix one oz of vodka and ox of Cointreau orange liqueur with 3 oz of pomegranate juice and stir the three together in a glass. Fill it up with amount of a cocktail shaker. After adding crushed ice just strain and pour it out into martini glasses. A dash of lime juice is added finally before you serve it.

Another variation of a pomegranate martini involves the use of an orange which is made into juice, a cup of cold gin, the juice of one lime, cup of pomegranate syrup, some ice cubes and whole pomegranate seeds for the garnish at the end. Mix together the gin, fruit juice, syrup and the ice in the glass, put the ice into the martini glasses and then after garnishing with the pomegranate seeds you can serve it.

Pomegranate martini is also prepared in a novel way and is called the pomegranate Margarita martini which uses cointreau liquor and silver tequila along with the pomegranates. You need to mix 1 cups of pomegranate juice with two oz o patron silver tequila and one oz of cointreau liquor. Add ice to this. The tequila has to be mixed well with the juice and then poured into the cocktail shaker along with the ice. Shake it and then strain it. Finally before serving fill it in chilled martini glasses. You could even add the pomegranate seeds as a garnishing.

Various other variations involve the use of citrus vodka, some superfine sugar, citron vodka, and in some cases the pomegranate martini is also made by combining raspberry sorbet with it.

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