Naming A Few Soft Drinks I Know Of

You may call me a soda junky, because I drink too much soda, yes I admit! It is normal that I should not do it that much, but the fact is that I love it.

Marque when am talking of sodas, I don’t mean only colas, but all flavored drinks in general. The other thing I love about me when it comes to drinks is that I like trying all kinds of drinks until I find the best which satisfy me.

Say what you want to say, but I still stick with my faith in that my favorite drinks are those that use real sugar and not the artificial sugar like high fructose corn syrup as all may know. I can’t call them natural because are processed.

Now that I have told you what really sodas should contain, we are going to look at some of beverages which have been undermined or ignored due to the fact that they are not popular due to abc reasons.

Let’s start with the root beer from Virgil’s. I will not just put my claims just like that but, honestly this is one of the best drinks as far as beverages are concerned. As a matter of fact, this drink have won many awards in many beverage festivals and captivated many who maintain their original tastes.

Also try the black cherry vanilla cream soda all of the same producer, Virgil. When trying to decide from their major product, it become more of complicated but at the end, they are all of a great value and therefore making the choice valueless.

And if you think that you and cola are inseparable, then I have a surprise for you too. Just try the Boylan’s sugar cane cola. You will love it believe me not. This one taste like your favorite cola but with more flavors and taste for a better value.

Another surprise which might be there is the green tea sodas which come in variety of oranges, lemon limes and raspberry.

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