Explaining The Process Of Wine Manufacture

If you are going to do research on which is the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage there is no doubt that your results will turn out wine as the number one choice. Grape juice that has undergone fermentation is to thank for this sweet beverage.

There is a wide variety of grapes that can be used and consequently this means that there is a wide variety of wines that can be derived from them. The highest quality wines are made from the Syrah or Shiraz grapes.

So why do we use grapes as the best choice for the making of wine? It is because grapes can ferment without needing any additional sugar or nutrients to be put into them.

Grapes are already blessed with a natural sweetness from their sugar. All that winemakers have to add is yeast which will convert the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

So what procedures go into the making of the Syrah wines? First and foremost comes the tasting of the grapes. We have to make sure that the sugar in them is just perfect for the wine production.

If they are ready, the grapes are harvested and taken to a winery. They will then be crushed to a pulp juice. If it is red wine that we are interested in then the skins and seeds are not removed from the pulp.

When they want to produce white wine however, they will have to sieve out the seeds and the skins before the grape juice is sent off to the fermenting tanks. They will then add some yeast to the juice. The mixture is then put into huge solid barrels so that they can begin the aging process.

After a few more months they are again transferred into wine bottles and aged some more. When they are of age they are shipped out for our consumption.

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