Light Up Martini Glasses And Champagne Flutes Create Light Show

For large parties, it would be tons of fun to get an assortment of glow sticks toys, as your more adventurous guests would love to try the glow mouth pieces, bunny ears, glasses, etc. And to decorate your table for parties, LED light up ice cubes can form nice centerpiece and everyone can take one home after the party. To spice up drinks, service them in flashing cups such as light up martini glasses and light up champagne glasses.

Glow sticks and LED lights are quick and wonderful decoration to your party tables. In a large event of a church, the planner use four inch glow sticks to make centerpieces. They turned out to be very nice. There are also the LED candles to accent the tables and rooms without the fire hazards. They are safe for kids to handle. For drinks, use light up martini glasses and light up champagne glasses for a night party for a great relaxing time.

It’s a great idea to invest in some flashing novel glasses such as flashing martini glasses, light up beer mugs, led wine glasses, light up ice cubes, etc. They come in all the popular colors as well as fancy multi-colors. With batteries being replaceable, these barware can be reused and would be good investment. The only item whose batteries are irreplaceable is the LED ice cubes as the batteries are sealed.

Martini has been one of the most famous cocktails both in US and around the world. As a staple drink in the 007 movie, it is popular in bars, events and family parties. And over the years, not only have the recipes of martini have been improved with more varieties, but also the martini glasses. Light up martini glasses have become a revolution in the industry. Similar LED barware like light up ice cubes, flashing coasters, light up champagne glasses etc. are also great items to throw into your party.

For businesses events, imprint your name on the light up glasses and have your guests take them home as gifts will make your name remembered when the next time, your guests turn on the flashing glasses. Products like light up martini glasses and light up champagne glasses are not only fun but very functional. Who doesn’t have some drinks at home and if one is going to get glasses, why not get the light up ones?

LED coaster can turn plain looking glassware into an array of colors. Light up champagne glasses, dice glasses, tumbler glasses, etc.