The Purpose Of A Wine Refrigerator

You had fantastic wine at a restaurant that you still remember. You bought the same year and vintage but it still does not taste quite right. That may be because the wine you so fondly remember was stored in a cellar or a wine refrigerator.

Yes, there are fridges specifically meant to store wine. The ideal storage temperature is usually around 13 degrees Celsius, but some wines taste better when preserved at a lower temperature. This type of a refrigerator is also meant to chill the wine before you serve it.

The temperature control of the refrigerator is different than the kitchen refrigerator. The temperature settings can be controlled depending on whether you would like to store the wine or temporarily chill it.

A general range of 10-15 degrees (Celsius) is recommended by most experts if you wish to store and age your wine. The temperature control of these fridges is different from your regular refrigerator.

A standard wine refrigerator is small enough to fit anywhere in your home and may even be placed right on your bar counter. The standard models will set you back by around $100.

But if you are a connoisseur and want to replicate a wine cellar in your home, you may choose a model with more features and detail. The bigger wine refrigerators are as big as your kitchen fridge and contain different cooling zones for different kinds of wine.

Of course, be prepared to part with a significant sum to own one of these specially designed appliances. They can easily cost $2000 or more! So, unless you are a professional wine taster or connoisseur, this is a luxury you may well forego.

The basic wine refrigerator may not provide you cellar-like advantages, but can preserve your wine nevertheless. When you want a drink, you will always get it at the right temperature!

Martin Elmer is the editor of Koeleskab. Here you can also read about Vin koeleskabe.