Home Made Wine – A More Practical Option

More people are into wine-making these days because of reasons varying from budget concerns to a desire for variety to simple inquisitiveness.

Budget concerns

For $40 or less you can purchase a home made wine kit. If you prefer the high end flavors, you can purchase an eighty-dollar kit. You can get them online or from live wine shops. Home made wine kits can produce 23 liters of wine on the average. That is enough to fill 30 standard-size bottles of wine.

In that setup you are spending a little over $1 for each bottle of home made wine you make. Now if you intend to bottle the wine individually and you are making wine to give away, you might want to add the price of each empty bottle. But if you are storing the home made wine in a dispenser from which anyone can get his glassful, that expense doesn’t count.

If you go to wine stores, you can probably buy nice wine bottles for about $9 each. That figure becomes lower if you are buying in bulk. In such a case producing and packaging your home made wine practically amounts to $10 for each 750 ml. That price is definitely lower than the price of ready-made wines that you enjoy drinking.

For well over fifty years now, the popularity of these home made wine kits has been on the rise and the trend is likely to persist.

Wide selection of flavors

Your options for flavor with home made wines are much wider than if you were to shop in a wine store. Additionally, the blends are more in keeping with our modern taste. You can find blackberry and kiwi-flavored kits as well as kits for pomegranate and strawberry wine. You can choose tropical style wines or simply a classic grape wine.

With home made wines, you have something for simple occasions, as well as for grand celebrations, and you won’t ever have to serve the same wine twice. That is because, if you are adventurous enough, you can combine different home made wine kits to come up with a virtually infinite number of wine varieties.

Select reputable brands

Each year, the number of people who are switching to wine kits is increasing, partly due to the constraints of the economy and the prices of ready-made wines.

And just because so many companies are now creating their own home made wine kits, you have to be selective in choosing a specific brand of kit. The best indicators are the recommendations of your friends, and possibly feedbacks from customers on the web. If you expect to make wine that your guests will really appreciate, listen to suggestions from people who have experience.

You can age them for years

Most home made wines won’t spoil in a year or even in two. If you use sulfites in making them they can last as long as commercial wines. This means that any extras that you have from last night’s birthday party will be good, and even better, for next year. Of course, if you regularly entertain friends, the wine you have in stock will probably not get the chance to age.

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