Hanging A Vinyl Wine Glass Rack

Putting up a hanging vinyl wine glass rack into your kitchen can perfectly add some touch of elegance. In addition, there are also wine racks made in upside down position and is due to the reason of preventing dust to be stored up inside the glasses. There can be wide varieties of wine rack styles as well as varied materials used in the making like wood, vinyl and glass. Even though a lot of rack styles started to flourish, the most usual is placed beneath a cabinet. Two most preferred wine racks are the vinyl and acrylic for these two are lighter than the others and they can also be hanged easily. If you are eager to know about installing a vinyl glass rack, the paragraphs below contain some how’s to do it and don’t forget to list the materials you need.

There are three main tools you need to prepare for you to start installing your vinyl wine glass rack. First in your list are the screws and if you haven’t secured some used screws, you can have them bought at a hardware and take note that the size of screws you need is inch. Second in your list is a screwdriver and this will be used when you need to remove or insert screws onto their holes. And, your last piece would be the most needed among the three and it is your vinyl glass rack.

If you have decided earlier that you are going to install your vinyl wine glass rack below your hanging counters, you need to empty the space so that you can work well without minding of the potential damages. Then, place the glass rack underside the counter with its stemware facing outwards. Secure the screws and have them near to you so you can easily get some if you need to, particularly right after you finished positioning the holes on the front and back portions of the rack.

Hold properly your vinyl wine glass rack and slowly insert the inch screws inside the holes, do the process one at a time. Fasten the screws appropriately into the wood surface with the aid of the screwdriver. Fill all the holes and be sure to tighten the screws so that your hanging wine rack will not loosen and fall.

If you need to check if the vinyl wine glass rack is already sturdy and not moving, pull down the rack gently. If the wine rack didn’t shake or move at all as you pull it down, you did it right. So, you can already make use of your glass rack.

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