Affordable Wine Cooling Systems From Danby

Danby Wine Cooler units are manufactured in Canada by a household appliance company that has a large and appealing range of wine coolers for every need at very reasonable prices. There are large capacity wine cooler that can store 75 bottles for under $1000 with considerable money to spare. Danby offers two kinds of cooling units, dual zone units and single zone units.

Dual zone coolers and the larger wine cellars have separate sections for red and white wines. The upper sections cools red wine at the appropriate 55 degrees F. The lower part chills the white and the sparkling wines at lower temperatures between 41 and 50 degrees F or 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The size of the wine coolers is determined by their holding capacity, measured by the number of the regular sized wine bottles (750 ml) that can be stored. The smallest Danby unit, the DWC 620PL-SC, holds 6 bottles. This is offered in an attractive platinum finish while the next model is offered only in black. This is one of their countertop models for storage on a kitchen counter. The other small cooler is the model DWC1233B2-SC that has a holding capacity of 12 bottles. The other models in the Danby line have capacities of 17, 35, 38, 45 and 50 bottles. There are coolers above 35 bottle capacity which are called wine cellars but these are essentially the same type of wine storage and refrigeration units.

The smaller units that hold under 17 bottles only have single temperature zones. The dual zone models start with the cooler DWC283BIS which houses 30 bottles. You can store 10 red wines and 20 white wines. Unfortunately, if you prefer red wine to white, you cannot change the temperature settings for each compartment. These are permanently set by the factory.

For the dual zone models, there is a humidor tray to keep a well regulated humidity level in the unit that needs to be 50% so that the wine corks do not dry out. If you do decide to use the humidor, you will have to put it in the red wine compartment, thus cutting down on the space for bottles. The smallest dual zone cooler will then be able to house 4 bottles of wine in the upper section.

Danby coolers and cellars come with a five year limited warranty. Parts and labor are covered for one year; and there is a four year warranty on sealed systems and parts as well.

Reviewers of Danby wine coolers agree that Danby is a great value for the economic wine buyer, but there are problems with insufficient packaging causing damage and slow customer service. Minor complaints include noisy motors, condensation problems and lack of temperature control. However, most owners report they are pleased with their purchases and would buy again from Danby.

Wine coolers are ideal for storing your entire collection of wineand have become a very popular and affordable home appliance. One of the most popular and affordable wine cooler is the Danby Wine Cooler, which has found its way into many kitchens and wine cellars. Read the reviews and discover the best deals and widest selection by visiting Great Danby Wine Coolers today.