Proper Wine Storage Tips

Just like any other items, wine is bound to change its quality over a certain period of time. Correct wine storage can make sure that these environmental factors don’t impact the high quality of a good wine. This could be done simply by controlling the amount of light, temperature, air, humidity and variations that affect the wine. Oxygen is known to spoil the high quality of wine and it should therefore be stored inside a way that oxygen is kept away. Air causes oxidation in the wine which then causes the high quality from the wine to reduce. This makes the wine taste like vinegar and not wine.

Glass bottles are impermeable to air and so using the right cork is the greatest way to ensure that oxygen is locked out of the wine bottle. The cork ought to be moist and also make sure that other than the oxygen left within the bottle throughout packaging, no other oxygen leaks into the wine.

Additionally, storing wine horizontally also ensures that the cork doesn’t crack and therefore no oxygen gets into the bottle. Humidity inside a room is also known to make corks moist and hence grow mildew or to dry up too much and therefore crack. Storing wine inside a bottle proportionate to the wine is also essential as there’s less oxygen within the bottle. If a small wine is left in a bottle, it ought to be transferred to a smaller bottle until consumed. The wine should also be stored inside a room where you will find small vibrations or movement. They should also not be moved a lot of until they’re nearly being served. This is mainly because vibrations causes the high quality from the wine to reduce and ought to be avoided as a lot as possible.

Temperature is an additional factor that ought to be considered throughout wine storage. The temperature should be about 5 to18C in order to keep the cork moist enough and so not shrink or to allow in oxygen and cause the wine to age quicker than normal. A wine cellar can maintain these temperatures and that’s why most people store their wines there. However, wine cabinets can also be used when the room temperature is regulated.

In addition, the rate at which the temperature modifications can also be important because if it modifications by much more than 10C on a frequent basis, the quality from the wine may be compromised. The light that seeps through the wine bottle ought to also be reduced. Many wine makers these days use ultra violet filters on their bottles to ensure that light does not go via. An unpleasant aroma will be created if there’s a lot of light passing through the wine bottle.

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