What Exactly A Stubby Holder Is??

Lots of individuals actually have no idea what a stubby holder is, but once I explain it a little further you will most likely give yourself a head slap! Stubby holders or beer koozies as us English folks know it as are beer holders. This is a foam neoprene holder that you either wrap around your beer (or soda) or put the container or bottle inside. It keeps your hands cozy while it keeps the can or bottle ice-cold. Yea, now you know what it is! Actually, you probably have some at home, but they’re so worn because you didn’t know the name! Well, now you can get yourself some new stubby holders!

By the way if you cannot find stubby holders sometimes the spelling is Stubby holders instead of Stubby holders so look for that too! These were originally utilised throughout Australia at parties, events, sports events, even at weddings. Over time they have become a success with just about anyone that is a “drinker” or likes drinking out of bottles and cans.

Again, even if you are not a beer or malt drinker, you can still utilize these with soda or pop. Anything with a can or bottle! These even come in Personalised stubby holders you could select from numerous colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white and you could select from the design.

Maybe you want to have initials on yours or a photo or logo; you would be able to do that also! Several of the sites which sell stubby holders do so in a bulk order situation. This means the more you buy the better price you’ll get. So for example, if one of the stubby holders is a holder with a base and it is $2.60 apiece, if you purchase 1000 you can get them for $2.60 each which is quite a good amount. If you, nevertheless, purchase just 100 you will just get them for $3.92 each. Big difference… Superb choice to buy in bulk if you can utilize bulk purchases for these Personalised stubby holders.

If you cannot use 100 or more, no problem, find a site that has them in smaller amounts! I cannot assure you will pay less money, but it would give you a choice if one or two over 100 or 1000! Now, if you don’t drink beer or pop or anything like that, you could nevertheless have a stubby holder, just not the design for cans or bottles. There are sun glass straps, sun visors, sun glass cases, pencil cases, floating key rings (great for boaters) even mouse pads that make use of the same material!

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