Having Your Wine Or Liquor Without Feeling Dreadful The Day After

Any great night out can be instantly ruined when you’ve got a morning hangover to cope with. In this article we’ll give you some tips to follow so that you can drink the night away and still come out hangover-free.

Be aware of your liquor tolerance level, and pay attention to your body when it’s telling you to stop. At the point when you know you’ve had enough, just stop drinking. Hangovers are an unpleasant reality experienced by about 75% of people who drink. This means that 25% of the people who drink know their limit and obey it. In order to stay within your drinking limit, you have two choices: just go slow with your drinking or stop before you get really drunk.

The primary cause of a hangover is dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water in between drinking the alcohol. You can also mix alcoholic drinks with water, and sip on a glass of water between your liquor. Another trick is to add fruit to your drinks, which can help to keep your hydrated.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases absorption, therefore eating before or during the occasion of drinking. Food not only prevents hangovers through decreased absorption, but gives your body the nutrients to avoid it. A stomach filled with food gives the feeling of fullness and thus slows the intake of alcohol.

You’ll also want to steer clear of concentrated alcohol. The less concentrated a drink is the less likely you’ll get a hangover from it. So, for example, instead of whiskey on the rocks have it with a bit of water instead. Or have a rum and coke instead of rum neat.

Also, darker alcohol is more likely to cause a hangover as compared to light or clear alcohol. For instance, a drink with vodka or gin is a better choice than whiskey or rum when trying to avoid a hangover. Carbonated mixers will increase the alcohol absorption, instead opt for non-carbonated.

Also try not to mix drinks, drinking too many different kinds of alcohol will make you become nauseous, and you will definitely have the worst kind of hangover in the morning.

Drinking while in a good mood helps to maintain that same mood and prevents hangovers as well. Individuals who are in a sour mood, upset or sad, usually drink in excess and suffer for it the next day.

Just keep in mind that even while you may be having a fantastic time out drinking, you’ll forget about all the great times you had due to the hangover the day after. So take care and take control of what you drink!

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