Buy Personalised Stubby Holders For Your Restaurant!

If you are in a restaurant or a bar, and you are someplace nice and warm like the beach or some other tropical locale, you may need to start looking into a revolutionary way to keep your customer’s beer cold! Now, some of you may have heard of this revolutionary idea known as stubby holders, but you might know them as a different word such as beer koozie or beer sleeve. That is what us US folks call them anyway. Brits and Aussies refer to them as Stubby holders or Stubby holders. These stubby holders are nice ways to keep the hands of the people warm and keep the soda or beer really cold.

This is always a problem, especially for restaurants that have outside seating. In a few minutes, particularly on a hot sunny day, the client’s beer or drink is ruined! Make your customers happier; invest in some amazing stubby holders! The great thing about buying a stubby holder online is that you could buy them in bulk. By purchasing them in bulk you are ultimately saving money. Even have it is 50 cents, buying 100 is going to save you lots of money. You could then offer these stubby holders to your clientele. Actually, before you even bring out the bottle or can, place it right in the stubby.

The client will get it, and most probably they would be amazed by your resourcefulness and your eagerness to make them just a little happier with an ice-cold drink! These stubby are even a cool way to brand your company. Personalised stubby holders come in an array of colors and sizes and shapes to match with any company across the world. You can place your logo, URL, business name or whatever else you want on the stubby. Heck, also if you think its excess to put your logo on the stubby considering the client is IN your restaurant, you could do one of two things.

Firstly, you can give the stubby away. Go ahead. Let the clientele take them and keep them personalized for your own good! Once that client takes it out of the restaurant, individuals are going to see it and ask what it is right off the bat, then they would see your logo and URL! Second thing you can do, which would nevertheless create clients is to keep the stubby in the restaurant.

Don’t let the customer take it, place a simple logo or nothing at all on the stubby. This alone is good marketing. Although it doesn’t seem like you are externally marketing, you are.

If you’ll make your customers happy with a stubby, that individual would definitely tend to recommend you to everyone he/she know – even without letting them to take it home!

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