Using Stubby Holders To Brand Your Name

While I would not precisely advise that you give your customers and clients stubby holders, its a good idea if you want to brand your company name and you are in relation to a stubby holder. For example, if you’re a car company, I might not advise giving away promotion stubby holders! However, if you’re a company which sells surfboards, sports event props, or hey, beer – then yea I will suggest it! Stubby holders are a really nice promotional product to get your name out there. You have tried online and offline marketing, but brand advertising is a thing of the future.

Everyone is doing this now as it’s fast, it is simply, it’s easy and best of all you could purchase the promotional products for cheap and give them away. I know it might seem a little odd freely giving free item, but you have to realize that for each person that utilizes the customized stubby holders or for every person that sees it, you have a chance of someone seeing your logo, business name or URL and actually getting curious as to what and who you are. This could mean business. So while you will be paying out of pocket on a “roll of the dice” it is well worth it, take it from a marketer who has been doing this for years.

Sometimes to see if something works in your best interest, you just have to take a chance. You could personalize these entirely with the logo and name, but you could even get them in more than 22 colors! Seriously, choose from blues, blacks and grays, reds, oranges, pinks and purples, greens and yellows, etc. This means branding time! For example, McDonald’s colors are red and yellow. So if they were to buy some stubby holders for their business, they could buy a red base and a yellow top coat for the font and the logo or visa versa!

Very cool thought indeed, especially with something as cool as a stubby holder because odds are the drinker with the stubby will be asked by several other people, “hey what is that”, and the person says “oh it’s my stubby holder”. And in begins the convo of the stubby holder, yes, but even the name or logo on it as well. Two chances at business right there in that simple mock situation. Give away 100 and you double up your chances or triple.

So you give away 100, dip into the company funds and probably make cash back which I’m certain will pay back the finances you utilized!

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