Help Your Business By Branding Your Company With Your Own Personalised Stubby Holders!

The problem with a lot of people and businesses these days is that they are entirely clueless when it comes to ways to market their businesses. Most of the people go bankrupt or go under because of this. They aren’t getting an adequate amount of individuals, enough sales, and enough business.

They are not making money, and they are actually paying more by leaving the business open and the operations going than they are making back. Most of the firms have really nice products or services, but it is a shame that they do not know how to advertise their business properly and this can prove to be catastrophic for them.

Well, as a Marketer, I can tell you a free tip to use so as to advertise your site. It is pretty cheap, it is very easy, and best of all it’s brandable. What is brandable? Well, think of a company such as Nike. They have their “Swoosh”. Any time you see that emblem that simple little check, you know it is a Nike product. Or, it doesn’t even have to be a symbol. It can be a color. Take a look at Google. Their noticeable colors on their logo are Blue, Red, Green and what I believe to be Yellow. Every time you see these colors, you do not think of Yahoo. You don’t of MSN. You think of Google!

This is a branded color. It’s not necessarily one of a kind, but when individuals think of those colors they think of you! These are two brilliant methods to brand yourself – logo and colors. The logo can be unique, but it is vital that you don’t copy it from anyone else. You can take help of a graphic designer. Once you have your colors and logo down pat, you could then begin branding your company. It’s a little thing called promotional items! Oh yea, you have likely received a couple in your time. You could try everything from key chains, bottle and openers to pens and notepads. Notice, those items, has the company’s colors and or their logo on it.

Every time somebody, not even them, sees it, they are being “notified” of your business! While giving the pen to guy number one did cost you, it was free for the other 50 people that saw the pen. Giving away promotional products like stubby holders is a superb way to get your business name out there, but to also enhance your odds of making some return business!

Even if you do not like Stubby holders or you want to give away personalized stubby holders there are other options available to you like sun glass straps, sun visors, sun glass cases, pencil cases, floating key rings (great for boaters) even mouse pads that utilize the same material! To know more visit,