All About Wine And Its Benefits

“Wine is one of the most loved drinks by men and women of different ages. Special moments like parties, anniversaries, birthday, weddings and dates won’t be as special without a glass of wine. But wine is not just all about the good times, good tastes, and inviting aromas. Wine has a lot of health benefits especially when it comes to preventing heart ailments and the French can prove that. In fact, all over the world, France has the least number of people getting sick or dying because of heart related diseases and this is because of wine.

But there are still more to wine aside form the cardiovascular benefits. In fact, there have been hundreds of studies proving that wine is linked to preventing other health conditions especially when one drinks a glass of wine regularly. Among these benefits are the following:

* Protection for the Heart – Many studies conducted by researchers today show that drinking the right amount of wine a day, 1 glass for women and 2 glasses for men, helps lower the chance of having a heart attack by approximately 30% to 50%. If drank regularly, those who previously suffered from heart attack can also benefit from it by reducing the chances of having another one. HDL, otherwise known as good cholesterol, is increased with wine while LDL, bad cholesterol, is reduced. Blood vessel damage due to fat deposits which can also be prevented because red wine helps prevent blood from clotting.

* There are components in wine that can strengthen our bones. Because wine has alcohol content, the level of estrogen and other hormones in our body is increased which can help make our bones stronger.

* Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease Prevention – Drinking a moderate amount of wine per day helps prevent coronary diseases and some forms of cancer. A chemical called flavanoid in wine acts as antioxidant which fights free radicals that damage our cells. In recent studies, a special kind of flavanoid known as oligomeric procyanidin which is found in wine can prevent and stop the hardening of our arteries.

When one drinks wine regularly, he can enjoy other benefits aside from those previously mentioned. But one must keep in mind to drink wine in moderation because drinking in excessive amount can be harmful to our liver.

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