Custom Wine Cellar: For Your Treasured Collection

Custom wine cellars are becoming a sound and cost effective way to store your large or small assortment of wine collections. Some vintages require aging and proper storage to bring them to their full complete potential. A custom wine cellar can allow you to enjoy your treasured collection in a room built for their requirements.

Are you trying to boost the resale value of your house? One great thing to do just that is to add a custom wine cellar to your house. There are many out there that include wine refrigerators and wine cabinets. This simple addition to your house is a must have for luxurious homes. If you live in an upscale neighborhood this simple addition just might sell your house over others.

Plan and construct a custom wine cellar mainly for your collection of wines, considering your existing space, finances, and the handiness of having complete access to your own superior wine. You can place it practically anywhere in your house. You may keep them in a vacant cabinet, corner of a room, in the pantry, beneath a stairwell, or in the attic. But some places, like basements, are more appropriate settings compared to others.

Each custom wine cellar needs sufficient space for placement of the racking and other mechanical structures. It can also hold a miniature counter and a small amount of crate, bulk, or tub wine storage space. The walls may require appropriate insulation to sustain steady temperature, and it must have a vapor barrier to avoid condensation inside its walls and so as to maintain its humidity.

Seal the cellar’s entrance around its borders with climate stripping and insulation. This will help your cellar retain cold, moist air. In addition, for controlling its climate, the cellar will require refrigeration and humidity systems. You should also install electrical wiring for lighting the cellar room.

The next step is finishing the wine cellar, specifically, erecting the custom racking. The racks should have capacity for your wine collection and fit the dimensions of your cellar. Wine bottles vary in size and shape. Not every wine bottle is capable of fitting into an average off-the-shelf wine rack. Once the wine cellar is properly erected, you are ready to add the finishing touches to it. Such touches may include crown moldings, lighting, flooring, baseboards, cabinets and countertops, a door, and various amenities. The hard work associated with designing your home wine cellar will surely pay off in the long run, as you will be able to enjoy your creation forever.

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