The History Of Wine Goblets And Pewter Goblets

The terms wine glasses and wine goblets are essentially interchangeable, though the goblet is a more traditional form that was used centuries ago. Unlike today’s typical wine glasses, these were made of other materials.

Wine goblets do have a different shape from wine glasses. The stem of a wine glass isn’t really present in the goblet, as the goblet has more of a bowl shape and isn’t as thin at the bottom.

The origins of wine goblets trace all the way back to the year 400 or so. They were products of pottery back then, so they lacked the metal or glass finishes that most goblets take on today. The main use of goblets was for different types of events, including ceremonies and other special occasions. Still, many people also preferred to keep them at home for the use of wines.

These days, you’ll still find wine goblets for sale all across stores nationwide, as well as inside the kitchens of many households. Restaurants will use them as well, often for desserts and other dishes. If you’ve ever been to a wedding and can remember the best man speech, you might remember the use of pewter goblets during the speech.

Back when they were introduced, wine goblets weren’t as readily available as they are today, and that should probably go without saying. Still, it was really only the elite of society who had these at their homes for regular use.

They were also seen as a mark of class, and the best ones were used at high profile events (in a way, they still are when you think about weddings). Materials such as pewter and silver were most popular in the past, but crystal and glass are the most popular form of wine goblet today.

If you’re looking for wine goblets, you’ll be happy to know that their use is still very widespread. You can buy goblets made of crystal, glass, silver, plastic, and of course, the traditional pewter goblets.

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