A Variety Of Wine Glasses

Lolita wine glasses are unique martini glasses created by Ms. Tracy Lolita Healy. She has an interesting business model in that her business first designs the martini glasses and then and only then finds manufacturers who wish to license those designs.

Traditionally, one would work in conjunction with a manufacturer one hires to realize the design, but apparently Ms. Healy “shops” her models around and licenses those models, collectong royalty fees from manufacturers who believe they can sell wine glasses based on her designs.

Lolita wine glasses got started as a line of fun girly hand-painted wine glasses with recipes on the bottom of the foot of the glass. These unique martini glasses also revolve around special moments in people’s lives in the same way the greeting card industry produces specific versions commemorating different occasions. For instance, Ms. Healy even markets a line of divorce wine glasses!

In this way, Lolita wine glasses have become collectibles with a growing following around the world. They’re frequently favored as unique wedding gifts for their fun and girly style in the manner of Juicy Couture clothing. For when it comes to weddings, most gifts are very conventional and conservative. The Lolita martini glass takes a traditional wedding gift, wine glasses, and makes them unique through the incorporation of whimsical hand-painted styles.

And to think it all started out with a girls’ night out! Ms. Healy was simply fascinated by a martini menu, and noticed how the martinis ordered seemed to genuinely reflect each lady’s personality. But the road from inspiration to reality is really a long one, and in her case involved many trade shows – all without an agent! While realizing her luck, Ms. Healy recommends licensing as a great way for women to make money off their fantastic ideas with out lots of monetary investment.

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