Steps French Winemakers Are Making To Dominate The Global Markets

French wine has always been popular not only in France but throughout the world as well. It has always been prized for its flavor and quality – a result of the temperate climate suitable for growing grapes and the unique methods for aging wine. No doubt, whenever one thinks of wine, it is always the French variety that comes to mind.

Demand for French wine has always been high especially for wine from the Bordeaux region. Bordeaux wine is known as the largest and oldest vineyard not only France, but in the whole world as well.

Sadly, though still a popular choice, past years have seen a steady decrease in the market share of French wine. Many countries have developed their own vineyards and this has led to huge losses for French winemakers.

This experience has brought together French winemakers in the search for answers that includes questioning the age old rules and regulations that may have crippled their industry.

In France, alcohol products are banned from advertising on television. Winemakers are fighting for an exemption as this has limited promotion in local as well as global markets. They feel that if they are given a chance to advertise, more people will learn about their products and sales will increase.

Another proposal of winemakers is to change the information displayed in the back labels of wines. By specifying the type of grapes used in the wine rather than the region they were made in, winemakers feel they can tap the US, Australian, and South African markets even more.

Many have always and still do prefer French wine over others but the existing rules and regulations do not provide a way for winemakers to increase their hold on the wine markets.

After all has been said, French wine remains one of the largest in the world market today. Hopefully with the ease of the stringent rules and regulations of the French government, French wine will remain a force in the wine industry.

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