The Many Different Types Of Wine Holders

Wine holders hold wine – clearly. But what might not be so obvious to the neophyte is why they should be necessary. Decorative purposes aside, why must anyone use a special wine holder rather than simply sticking the bottle in a fridge or on a shelf?

First, let’s deal with probably the most obvious reasons. Wine holders (also known as wine racks) come in so many distinct styles, and for somebody that truly loves wine, display and showing off is half the fun, same as any collector proud of his or her collection. The different materials utilized to construct a wine holder allows for many different designs, sure to complement even the most esoteric collection.

Just as obviously, wine lovers are likely to have several different bottles of wines of many different kinds, and wine racks allow them all to be neatly organized and, even, rather well protected in storage. Less obvious but perhaps most important to a wine lover is the taste that may be developed through the use of a wine rack in the case of those made out of wood.

Collectors usually favor wood simply because of the role the material plays in the flavors of several wines. Full-sized racks might take up all the spacement available in such a person’s cellar, while much smaller affairs such as the wall mounted wine racks often found in personal kitchens and lounges allow those with more modest collections the same fun. Some wine holders provide just enough space for one single bottle!

Several species of wood are utilized for making these racks, which material is also preferred because it may be the most workable one. Metal is another well-known material used to make such holders, and even though it isn’t as easily workable as wood, metals are capable of more flowing circular shapes, affording unparalleled design possibilities.

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