Essential Cigar Accessories

Cigar smoking is an art and is inappropriate without the proper accessories. This article would uncover the finer details of cigar smoking for better understanding.

Always remember that a cigar tip has to be cut or punched before smoking. A good cigar cutter would give you a perfect cut – a straight cut, punch a hole or a wedge cut, depending on your personal preference.

Choose a double blade guillotine if you prefer a straight cut. It guarantees you a cleaner and perfect cut. The wedge cutter is also similar in design; the blades are shaped in the shape of a “V” and just snip-off the cigar tip rather than cutting it off.

If you prefer having you cigar punched, use a cigar hole punch. In case of lack of availability, use a pen for making a hole in the centre of the cigar.

Have a passion for expensive cigars? You must have a humidor to keep them fresh, tasty and free from any infestation.

In case the number of cigars to be stored is not large you may choose from wooden or acrylic humidors. Humidors are fitted with humidifiers that maintain the humidity for cigar storage between 65-70% to ensure the best quality and taste of cigars.

If you would rather not have the rich aroma of a cigar on your garments, wear garments of artificial fibers. To remove the smell of cigar smoke from your garments put them in a polythene bag with some baking soda.

For indoor cigar smoking a good tobacco specific deodorizer or air purifier is a must. Have an extract of parsley and chlorophyll to maintain a fresh breath and flush out the toxic nicotine by having vitamins A&C, wheat grass, garlic extract, young barley and spirulina.

A quality tobacco is enjoyable on its own but its accessories can make the experience more personal. Its cases, lighters, cutters and even ashtrays can all be engraved.

Have a deodorizer within reach at all times to give due regard to the non-smokers giving you company. Visit websites too for some great cigar gifting ideas.

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