Where To Go In Spain To Find The Best Wines

From Abona to Yecla there are more than 50 wine regions in Spain. Millions of wine fans keen to drink Spanish wine as many time as they can. There are many opportunities to find a great wine from this beautiful country. Browse them with us.

All regions make great red and white wines. Our tour will start in Southern regions.

Malaga y Sierras de Malaga an Andalucian region. With 15-22% alcohol there are generally known wines like Cabernet Sauvignon (Clos d’Agon Emporda Tinto) and sweet wines with minimum 13% alcohol by volume. Its highest zone is Rhonda.

Our next region is Alicante. It is located near to Valencia. Most of the region’s wine are red. Generally the plant Tempranillo. A popular wine from here: Cune Contino Reserva with a touch of a cherry and raspberry.

The biggest wine region is The La Mancha region near to Toledo and Cuenca. We are in the middle of the country. Farmers are produce grapes on 190.000 acres in 300 vineyards. The annual output here is 100 million liters wine. Incredible. It was difficult to choose a Grenache: Via Terra Terra Alta Garnacha from 2006.

A 25.000 hectares wine region which popular of its white wines is The Ribera del Guadiana of Cerea province. There are 75 wineries here and producers are very talented. A great Verdelho from this region is Esperanza Verdejo/Viura.

Heading to North? Near to Barcelona you meet with Tarragona region. This is one of the most special region as it has 58 vineyards on only 7.300 hectares. From white to black you find everything in this small area. Greatest white is Viognier Casa de la Ermita from 2003. A must try red is: Garrancha Blanca (Black Grenache).

A confident wine lover knows Rioja wine region is north of Spain. This is a big area with 63.000 hectares. Comparing with Southern regions it has cooler climate and travelers prefer it.

Finally we mustn’t forget about sweet and desert wines which are icons of Spain as well. Some grape varieties contain more sugar and some technological extra steps make these wines more sweeter than other ones. Best known is Pedro Ximenez. Sangra means bloody in Spanish. It is like a wine punch. Sweet like a honey, sometimes almost such as a brandy and all the time fruity. Can be served by wooden spoon in a traditional pitcher or a punchbowl.

As you can see Spain is the home of wine varieties. Endless choices offered to you and to tell the truth you never forget them.

Have a great trip and find your favorite wine!

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