The Black Prince Of Wines – Pinot Noir

The lighter, the better. The darker, the better. This is Pinot Noir from France. You can find it anywhere in the planet. No chance to make mistake.

This is the main ingredients in Burgundies. Sometimes shouldn’t be consumed within 15-20 years. Pinto Noir can be cheaper, but very expensive as well. Black cherry aroma is usual as spicy and rosemary too. Very diverse wine can be produce from the grape. Different country by country.

Pinot Noir Rouge, which are similar in character to red Burgundy and Beaujolais wines but are consumed chilled (45 Fahrenheit) are from Alsace, France. The European country gives us many type of Pinot Noir such as Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir with long lasting cherry flavors. Many Pinot Noir was planted in France for Champagne making as well.

Late Burgundian as Germans called it. A nice, average price wine is Undine Pinot Noir white a touch of a plum.

In New Zealand we can find many Pinot Noir because of the cooler climate. Farmers like to plant it. Picturesque vineyards are in Waipara. Spicy and mocca flavored Amisfield Pinot Noir is a premium category wine from that beautiful country.

Best know about Pinot Noir is California, but Oregon is on the second place. Silver medal state has excellent Pinot Noirs because it has almost the same, cooler climate like France region, Burgundy. One of the great unique wines is Henry Estate Pinot Noir. Its cherry and vanilla flavor is unforgettable. Willamette Valley has beautiful landscape. A must see with great vineyards.

Now California is the next one. Shiny state favorite Russian River Valley. You can find here Kenwood Russian River Pinot Noir from the foggy, Oceanic climate.

Cooler climate gives the advantages for this excellent grape and the farmers to make great wines of it. This is Pinot Noir.


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