Store Wines In Your Home

Basic rules for wine storing are easy whether if you are a beginner or already a wine lover.

While White Burgundies (Chardonnays) can be aged for over 20 years, most the white wines should be consumed within 2-3 years. Red wines for example Merlot has 3-10 years in the bottle in right condition.

Would you like to store a wine in your house? There are many choices.

First thing that temperature has to kept on stable grade. Ideal range for storing white wines is about 45F. Red wines can be stored on 50-55F or 10-16C. Secondly you should avoid to damage your wine with sunlight or heat exposure. If you keep it in dark place or in twilight it is benefit. Never vibrate it because wine cork appears which may negatively affect the wine. Important flavors and wine balance can be lost.

Humidity is very important as well. Ideal humidity for wine storage ranges from 60-75% RH. Mold can grow and labels can be damaged if humidity is too high. Your wines will be ruined if environment is too dry. In this case cork will crack and and air will leak into the bottle. Good ventilation may help prevent musty odors from entering the wine.

Store your wine horizontally so that the cork is moist. Don’t leave a wine bottle in the freezer. Frozen, the wine will expand and the bottle will explode.

Saving your collection is important that’s why a big help for you using wine refrigerator. They work on higher temperature 60-65F and don’t remove any humidity from the air. It is a big benefit. Modern ones are quite and they have patented temp control. If you have smaller collection then wine racks are ideal for you. A well design rack is your part of your home and nice to see.

After opening a bottle you have a chance to store wine if not completely consumed. Store opened white wine in the refrigerator. This will only keep the wine for three to five days. Leave red wine out. For the sake of the wine, and for yourself, only do this with red wine, never white. Place the cork in the bottle, put the bottle in a dark place. This will help for a couple of days.

Sparging the bottle with a gas (nitrogen or argon) can be very effective but it is expensive. If you do elect to try such a system, stay away from carbon dioxide since it will mix into solution with the wine. Another option is Vacu-vin. This consists of rubber bottle stoppers that hold a weak vacuum created by a hand pump that comes with the system. It is easier and much cheaper to use it.


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