Best Spanish Ham- Serrano

Many average ham types can be bought in shops and only few offered a great Spanish pork food: Serrano ham. Whether you buy it in slice, in chunks or as a complete, bone-in ham you should try it with some wine. It has benefit.

As a best ham from Spain, called Jamon Serrano referred to its dry-cured technical making. Workers covered it salt for around two weeks this way they preserve food from spoiling because during this period excess moisture is drawn off.

After it ham is hung from half a year to 18 months. This one is Serrano ham “reserva”. An average ham is 7-8 kg. The best hams are produced from the long legged Iberian hogs.

People generally consume this Spanish ham as a breakfast. It has valuable flavors which should be kept so recommended to store in cool and dry place. Always keep it on room temperature.

Like the most expensive and valuable red wines, Serrano ham gives us the biggest pleasure if we leave on the plate a half an hour after slicing. Its flavors and texture is beyond expression. Its aroma can only be described as deep, rich and unreservedly tempting.

Suggested if you serve it in very thin slices.

People used to cook it as well. All the time please finely diced it and lightly fry it.

From Spain here is a cooking technique for your pleasure: “rehogado con jamon”:

Lightly fry diced ham in olive oil, then saute your favorite cooked vegetable in the mixture.

Best to mix with artichokes, green beans, sprouts.

Omelet lovers can use it as an extra ingredients, in bigger size a great for spaghetti sauce as well.


From many pairing options here are two:

Serrano Ham with melon pairs with a nice Italian white Viognier like Casa de la Ermita Viognier

A Pinot Gris (Grigio) with Turkey Club Sandwich.

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