Bamberg – A Majestic And Charming City For Beer Lovers

Most of you may not have heard a charming and majestic city called Bamberg. This city, without a doubt, has a rich culture and attraction for travellers seeking the real meaning of beauty.

Being one of the only larger cities in Germany to escape bombing during WWII, Bamberg is rich in medieval architecture. Bamberg is Built on and around the Regnitz River, giving this town an amazing ambience and beauty that certainly challenges the rest of Germany.

As you pass by the town centre, the ambiance of romance, picturesque architecture, Gothic churches, and extravagant merchant houses are sure enough to take your breath away. It’s an amazing sight for anyone who wants to have a glimpse of the city of Bamberg.

This little city’s real claim to fame however, is its passion and commitment to the premium crafting of traditional Bavarian beer. Bamberg is home to nine large breweries in the city, along with almost 300 breweries in the region, officially giving this old town, the largest number of breweries per capita in the world. Hundreds of pub tours visit the region every year – including an annual international pub crawl run by tour company, Thirsty Swagman.

Kaiserdom Privatbrauerei is one must see brewery in Bamberg. This brewery was founded in 1718 and was formerly known as Brgerbru. It is Bamberg’s largest brewery, with an annual production of more than 250, 000 Hectolitres (1 Hectolitres = 100 metres). Brauerei Fssla another place worth visiting in Bamberg. This independent brewery was founded in 1649, making it one of the oldest still operating breweries in Bamberg. Brauerei Fssla produces around 16, 000 Hectolitres of beer annually. That’s a whole lot of beer!

Schlenkerla Rauchbier, a dark ale that strangely resembles the taste of smoked pork, is a major hit in town. Described to taste as a strong flavoured smoked beer, the origin of this beer goes way back in the old centuries. Its popularity is evidenced by a lot of beer lovers from all over the world flocking just to visit the city and have a taste of this beer.

This astonishing city is an absolutely spectacular town in Germany, and is quite a hidden gem up to the present. It is a wonderful find, especially for beer lovers who will be sure to enjoy the medieval atmosphere and timeless beer culture that it portrays. Even tourists and travellers will find it charming and interesting to visit.

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