Wine Barrel for Wine Cellar Flooring Ideas

Wine enthusiasts have a lot of opportunity to be creative because the wine industry is full of avenues where in one can exercise art and design skills. One of these avenues is in designing wine cellar flooring. There are many concepts of wine cellar flooring designs and these include the use of wine corks, vintage wine barrels, painted tiles, and even mosaics. Among these that I’ve mentioned, wine barrel flooring and wine cork flooring are the only ones that are made from reused wine-related products. With that in mind, these two designs are the most affordable. In this article, I will focus on the use of wine barrels for your custom wine cellar flooring and elaborate on how this design began.

It is common knowledge that wine barrels are used to ferment wine. What people don’t know is what happens to these barrels after they are used. The material that these barrels are made of are expensive that is why it would be unwise to just throw it away. It is also unwise to reuse these barrels for fermentation purposes because these produce undesirable effects on the wine – old wine taints the new wine.

Consequently, wine makers began to look for ways to reuse old wine barrels and found that they could strip these down, flatten them, and use them as wine cellar flooring. Using used wine barrels for flooring gives the custom wine cellar an ambiance of being right in the heart of wine country. It’s remarkable how the barrels’ wood adds age and personality into the home hardwood floors.

Your wine cellar flooring can vary in color and style depending on which part of the barrel you opt to use. There are three (3) parts of a barrel that you can choose from and these are: the outside (Stave), the top or the bottom, (Cooperage) and the inside (Infusion). Regardless of which part of the barrel you choose, the result is always remarkable.

If you prefer to have Stave, you’ll get a distinct weathered look on your flooring. This appearance brings a historic charm to your wine cellar room. The colors of this part of the barrel are shades of golden brown. The staves have metal hoops attached to them and are removed when used for flooring. These metal hoops leave an imprint on the wood which actually accentuates the flooring’s vintage look.

On the other hand, if you choose Cooperage, your wine cellar flooring will have distinctive patterns of authentic stamps and special markings acquired from wineries who label their barrels to identify the contents. The diverse patterns give your wine cellar a delightfully rich atmosphere.

Finally, you can opt for Infusion. The wood in this part of the barrel is richly colored with varied shades of red or burgundy. These shades are acquired because the wood is naturally stained by wine. Each plank has a unique shade from the rest thus creating a livelier ambiance to the whole wine cellar room.

The beauty of your custom wine cellar flooring is also dependent on the wood that the barrels are made from. The best barrels are those manufactured from real original Napa Valley Oak. This type of wood is definitely durable and thus will save you a lot in the long run. What’s more, this type of wood is a great choice for those who seek sophistication and beauty. The wood has a simple texture as well as a rich sundry of colors that are undeniably impressive. Using barrels made from this type of wood will create the most elegant flooring.

Wine barrel flooring can be great for either residential or commercial wine cellars. The advantage is that with this design, no flooring is the same as another. Your wine cellars will not only be beautiful but will certainly be unique from others. The wine barrels’ woods give an overall warmth and class to the ambiance of your wine room. It simply is exceptional. What’s more, wine barrel flooring for your custom wine cellars are very affordable!

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