Catering Supplies Every Caterer Needs

A catering business can be a profitable venture. A catering business is not possible without the right supplies. A good caterer will be prepared with a variety of catering supplies allowing them to cater any type of event whether it is causal or formal, or full service or buffet style.

Every catering business’s base is its food. This means that every good caterer needs good kitchen supplies. The type of supplies needed depends on the type of food that is being cooked. A caterer’s kitchen supplies need to be able to handle lots of use and be able to fix large volumes of food.

Unless the food is being cooked on site, food has to be transported and kept warm. Gastronorm containers are perfect for this as they allow the food to be transported and reheated (if needed) in the same container. Chafing dishes can also service this same purpose for buffet style events.

To cater an event is not just about cooking the food. It also includes serving the food. Caterers supply plates, serving utensils, and eating utensils. Causal events may make it where disposable dishes can be used. Disposable dishes make the event clean-up easier, but do not look as nice as non-disposable ones. Formal events will want real plates and fancy polished silver utensils.

Caterers often provide some basic decorations. Table cloths are a simple way to dress up tables. Black and white table cloths can be matched with almost any theme. Candles also provide a simple way to dress up a table especially when paired with good looking candle holders. Candles can be used for both formal and causal events.

No one wants to eat without something to drink so most caterers provide some basic drinks at events. Coffee, juice, water, and tea are drinks that are commonly offered. Something to make the tea or coffee are needed on the event site to help maintain the demands. A buffet style event will need something guest can easily use to get their own drinks, something that doesn’t have to be picked up and poured is best. For a full service event servers will pour drinks and will need pitchers to refill the glasses.

A wide range of glasses are also needed. A more formal event will need stemware and real glasses. Plastic or disposable glasses may be able to be used for a casual event. If the caterer is providing a bar also then an even greater variety of glasses will be needed including shot glasses and cocktail glasses.

Even though the amount of catering supplies needed seems like a lot, the basics for each style of event are needed to be able to make the most profit. A lot of caterers pick one or two styles to start with and then as they do different events they add on to their current supplies. This allows a caterer to have a successful business since doing multiple event types give the caterer the most opportunities.

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