Custom Wine Cellars in Orange County, CA Designed with Passion

The Customer in Orange County, California In client in Orange County, CA approached Coastal Custom Wine Cellars because she wanted to have her own custom wine cellar within her own house. This client loves hosting parties and attending wine dinners but she expressed that she always has the dilemma of having to travel 20 miles from her house to get to the nearest wine storage. This inconvenience, many times, has forced her to use only the available wine in her house.

The clients also expressed that she wanted to create a classy experience for her friends through serving excellent wine. In line with that, she wanted a wine cellar that was good in quality that could preserve the quality of her stored wines. One challenge though is that she had a limited budget for this project. This challenge was met by Coastal by using an affordable yet long lasting material.

The client had a huge collection of over 2000 wine bottles. She wanted to have a wine cellar that would be able to store all of these bottles but the problem was that she had a limited space. The problem was solved by Coastal by designing wine racks that maximized space.

The client had a wide collection of bottles with different sizes including champagne bottles and Pax Syrah. Another challenge in this project was to create a custom wine cellar that could store all the bottles in this collection in standard racking. Coastal met this challenge by designing the wine racks with large sized bottle openings.

Premium Redwood – Wood that is Affordable and Long Lasting Coastal has proven their expertise in the craft through years of providing affordable, durable, and truly elegant wine cellar designs. For the Orange County client, Coastal utilized quality redwood for her wine cellar in order to provide class and durability without going beyond the limits of her budget. To further make the wood long lasting, Coastal also coated the wood with lacquer in order to protect it from wine spills. Moreover, this type of wood has an exquisite deep red color which makes the whole cellar truly elegant. The final outcome of this project is truly remarkable.

Large Sized Bottle Openings in the Wine Racks Coastal incorporated 3 X 3 inches wine bottle opening on the wine racking in order for it to hold bottled of varied sizes. This size could store any bottle in the market from standard sized bottles to 3L to 6L types. The client was thrilled to find that all of her bottles could be stored in standard racking including those that she would normally keep in the champagne area.

Double Storage to Maximize Space The client had a limited space for her custom wine cellar to be built and so she needed a wine cellar design wherein there is increased storage without taking up extra square footage. Coastal dealt with this by incorporating a double storage feature to one of the wine cellar walls. Through this feature, the client was able to store one bottle in and then add another sliding the first into the back, all in one racking.

High Reveal Display Row Feature Coastal also included a high reveal display row feature on the wine cellar which tilted the wine bottles on a 15 degree angle at 40 inches above the floor. Through this row, the client was able to store like wines above and below the display area. This custom feature allowed the client to showcase her best wine bottle labels while added character the whole room.

Affordable yet Elegant Lighting Another feature worth noting is the lighting on the wine cellar. Coastal incorporated Light-emitting diode (LED) ribbon lights across the display row. This feature gave an inviting and warm feel to the whole cellar. Moreover, LED light are known to be budget friendly. The power consumption of LED lights is minimal. These lights are very bright yet use only a small fraction of the power that a normal light bulb uses. What’s more, these lights are very durable.

The Passion That Makes Coastal Stand Out Coastal takes pride of more than 10 years of expertise in the wine cellar industry. In these years, Coastal has not failed to produce quality wine cellars and delivered customer satisfaction. The secret to Coastal’s success is that they do their craft not as a mere profit-yielding industry. Instead, Coastal’s management transcends to investing passion in every project. Jerry Wilson, the founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, has a sincere passion driven goal in every project that Coastal accepts.

This custom wine cellar project in Orange County, CA is another proof of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars’ expertise in their craft. It’s really worthwhile to invest passion in every work. This success story brings another crown on the management. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is the best choice for any custom wine cellar job. Besides the quality of products and competency of the team, Coastal’s passion makes them stand out from the rest.

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