What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Wooden Salad Bowls

Early Egyptians began turning wood as far back as 1300 BC. Since that time, many different objects have been made using these same primitive techniques. Wooden salad bowls have become a very popular, organic extension to the farmer’s market.

They are very easy to keep and can be used for anything that is desired. Anything that is eaten can be eaten out of these bowls. The only stipulation is that wet foods should not be stored in them overnight.

It is recommended that to see that they will last a long time, they should be seasoned. This is a very simple process and only requires a little olive oil. The oil is poured into the dish and rubbed into the bottom and walls with a dry paper towel. This lets the oil penetrate the dish and then should set overnight so that it can soak into it.

This process will help to keep it from drying and cracking over time. If it is used for dry foods such as salads, it only needs to be done the first time it is used. However, if the dish is used for food items that would then require soap and water washing, it should be done after it has been washed.

When these dishes are used just for the dry vegetables, they absorb the flavors of the greens. If desired, other herbs or garlic can be rubbed into the inside of the dish to add flavor whatever it being eaten. They can also be used to grind the herbs and make homemade dressing.

These wooden salad bowls can be very beautiful. They are created in many different types and colors of woods so they will fit with any decor. Having a fresh green salad in a set of these makes the whole meal seem a little more natural and organic.

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