Setting A Table With Place Mats

Whether you are entertaining guests or just dressing your table for your own family, place mats can make all the difference in how the meal is served and consumed. Some people prefer to use ones made from material while others like the plastic or vinyl coated ones which can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth after the meal.

Deciding whether or not to use them will be influenced by many things such as the location of the event as well as the timing of the meal. A meal served outdoors may use materials such as bamboo or even plastic coated. Both of these are durable enough to be used in any weather situation. For children many prefer to use vinyl coated materials because it is common for children to create a mess while eating.

Setting the table will need to be done properly as well. First, you lay down the mat about a half inch from the edge of the table and ensure it is wrinkle free. Next you place the plate and utensils. The knife goes on the right with the flat edge on the outside and the spoon rests next to the knife. Drinking glasses and cups should be placed on the upper right hand corner of the mat.

Any time you have made the decision to use these, you will want to make sure that they are clean and not wrinkled. Even the smallest wrinkle can result in a very large spill if the guest does not realize there is one. Plates with food on them will be difficult to balance when there are even small wrinkles in the mat.

The various styles and colors that are available today will offer you plenty of variety in your selection. You could choose to perfectly match the room where the table is or you might decide to create a contrast to the room. Additionally you may decide to match the dishes completely to create a put together look.

Today these are not a required table top item. Using them is a matter of personal choice. Some people prefer to use them especially with small children in an attempt to control the mess that is likely to be created while they eat. Others like the look of a dressed up table.

If you wish to serve an outstanding dinner, those things that you serve with and on are nearly as important as the food itself! If you need to ensure your accoutrements are of a high caliber, then you should purchase them through Pacific Merchants. They provide well made wares of all sorts, from nice wooden salad bowl sets fine teapots among many other superior items.