Wine-Tasting Opportunities on Your Lanzarote Holidays

Lanzarote is a fantastic destination and as such many people flock here for cheap holidays. The island is situated in the Canary Island archipelago and located just 100km from the North African mainland, which means that it is rewarded with consistently good temperatures and wonderful beaches. Lanzarote is the furthest east of all the Canaries and features many things that holidaymakers might find attractive.

If you want to sit back and sip on a drink that’s synonymous with Lanzarote, you’ll quickly find that there are many out there. Rum is a very popular spirit in the Canaries but differs from other rums in that it is often flavoured with honey to create a sweet liqueur.

No trip to Spain is complete without tasting the traditional Spanish drink of Sangria and Lanzarote has its own unique blend. The mix served up in the Canary Island is made up of traditional red wine, liqueurs, fresh fruit and ice, and lemonade if you feel inclined. Although Lanzarote produces red wine and this is used in its Sangria, the Malvasia grape is the main grape grown on the island and is known to be particularly strong.

It is believed the Portuguese first brought over vines to the Canary Islands who then established the island wine industry by the beginning of the 16th Century. A must-see for wine-lovers is the El Grifo Wine Museum located near the wine lands of La Geria. The region of La Geria offers many wine tours and tasting, for you to try on your Lanzarote holidays.

The El Grifo Wine Museum is open 365 days of the year and features wine tasting and daily tours. While here you can gain a better understanding of the history of Lanzarote and sample wine that is specific to different regions of the Canary Islands. Dating back to approximately 1775, El Grifo is the oldest wine cellar and was built on volcanic rock left over from an old eruption.

There are many greatLanzarote holidays on offer to this fantastic Canary Island.

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