The stand alone beverage- Wine

I lot of people love drinking wines, in fact the pleasure becomes even more when the wine bottle has been perfectly prepared.

The colour, the aroma and the taste make one get attracted to the wine even more. You must have had wine so many times to rejoice triumphs or to get over the hard failure days.

So wine is as we all know an alcoholic beverage. It is made from the fruits, generally grapes. The fermentation of the fruits is done with the help of chemicals. These chemicals are sugar, acids and nutrients.

A grape wine in fact is made up of grapes by using the yeast. Yeast performs the function of converting the sugar that is in the grapes and converts it into alcohol. Some of the other commonly used fruits for making wine include different types of berries and apples.


A lot of grape varieties are available in the market. Different type of grape is used to make different type of wine. Some of the wine, in fact most of them are made up of more than on variety of grapes.

The blended wine will mean that one variety of grapes will always is a majority of content.

There is hybridization of the grapes some wineries in order to preserve the taste, as well as the aroma of the wine, do the growing and production at the same place.

The wines are majorly classified based on the location. The major classification is as follows:

1. European wines
2. Non- European wines.

Vintage wine

A vintage wine is that is made up from the grapes that are grown in a particular year. They are named according to the year. The difference that happens from year to year is in the colour, taste, development, etc.

If it is stored properly, then in the right kind of condition, the age of the wines actually make them of high quality.

Climate is an important determinant of the taste of the wine. All the vintage wines have to be stored in the same condition so that they taste exactly the same.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting is almost like a festival. This happens where in you can taste the various varieties and notice the difference between each of them.

The sweetness of the wine is determined by the amount of sugar that is left in it. Thus dry wine is bitter because there only very little amount of sugar left in it.


You must have noticed that some of the wines are priced at almost thousands of dollars. This is there because the vintage wines are collected and stored.


The happy news is that wine has some uses. It is used for the preparation of a lot of cuisines, mostly the sophisticated ones.

It adds a flavour to the food. Red, sparkling and white wine is very commonly used for cooking because they are comparatively light wines.

So enjoy drinking wine or enjoy it for cooking of for food.

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