The Top Five White Wine Varieties

White wines are far lighter than red wines, and are often enjoyed on long summer nights. They were always thought to only suit white meats, fish, and desserts; however they can be enjoyed with whatever you fancy. When you buy white wine you need to consider if you aim to enjoy it with a meal or simply a glass after work.

Wine depends on several different factors for its taste, colour, and aroma, and where in the world the grapes originate. One of the most fascinating factors of any white wines is how different the end result will be. Although you may think that you know what you are getting when you buy white wine, you have to consider many different factors.

Buying any type of wine should be down to personal preference, and although you can be guided you need to drink what you actually like. There are several different white wines that are affordable, enjoyable to drink, and can be drunk with several different meals. Where you buy white wine from is personal choice, and there are many different shops, and wine merchants to use.

Chardonnay is one of the most popular white wines you can purchase, and millions of people enjoy it every year, Depending on what region the Chardonnay is made in will often determine the flavours that you experience. In cold climates the Chardonnay white wines are far crisper, and in warmer regions it has tropical aromas, and flavours.

Pinot Gris, and Pinot Grigio are very popular options when it comes to buying white wine, and can be enjoyed easily at the end of a hard day. The colour of this wine varies a great deal depending on the region that it is produced in. These white wines have a very distinctive cleansing acidic taste, and fresh aroma. They are perfect with summer salads, fresh fish, and white meats making them ideal for Barbeque season.

Riesling white wines originate from Germany, and can be bought in both sweet and dry varieties. Today when looking to buy white wine Riesling is one of the most popular choices, and offers a huge array of choice. It is now produced all over the world, and is distinctive in the colour, and flavour making it ideal with spicy foods.

Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine that has been a popular choice for many years, and can be enjoyed with many different meals. These amazing versatile white wines are suited to a large number of different cuisines making them a very sociable bottle to have in the house. When you go out to buy white wine it is always a great idea to place a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the basket.

Chenin Blanc can be bought in both dry, and sweet varieties, and although it originally comes from France there are now several other regions that produce it. These white wines have a very acidic taste, and are great with desserts due to the fruity taste. This grape variety is incredible versatile, and can be used for a huge number of different styles of white wines.

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